If for some the virtual reality becomes very slow to reality, others are already full moving in it.

An employee of the HTC-Vive VR headset manufacturer recently made a marriage request to his chosen one in virtual reality.


Like all other visitors Kelly Tortorice had a very interesting and special day at her visit to HTC in Bellevue WA where she was allowed to test the latest unpublished VR gadgets.

After virtual drawing with fire, diving in sunken ships and a trip across the alps, she was surprised with a very effective Virtual reality link.
With the
VR headset she could touch the ring in the "real" reality and after taking this of she found suprisingly her friend in front of her with the ring who  made her a marriage proposal.

The clever nerdy marriage application was staged by her friend Chandler Murch.

Since working at Valve he thought up with the Valve controller and the ring a very impressive environment for his marriage proposal.

Also technically very attractive, he has placed the ring on the Valve controller so that it was projected exactly into the same room as the glasses.