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We have tested the HTC Vive.


In this article we would like to give you a first impression of the HTC Vive System.

Finish and packaging

As we received the invoice we have been a little surprised because of the big box we got.

The HTC Vive system came in a very noble black box.

The finishing of the headset, the associated controllers and sensors make a stable impression and the design seems well been thought out.



The system consists of the following components:

• VR Headset
• 2 x Vive VR Controller
• 2 x room sensor including power supply
• PC connection box with power supply



The installation is extremely simple and uncomplicated.

The two sensors have to be placed diagonally in the room with included mounting bracket. The sensors must see each other mutually. Shortly after connecting the power plugs the respective channel and a green LED lights up. This shows that the sensors are ready. The
sensors synchronize optically and if the sensors can not directly see each other because object are inbetween, the sensors can be connected with an included synch cable.

If the entire room has to be grasped cleanly to the floor the sensors should be inclined to the ground.

In the package all cables are included to connect the Vive controlbox to the computer and the headset. Here too, there is a separate power supply for feeding the headset.

Now the Vive software can be installed.

With Steam-VR we can now measure the playground space.

Again, everything is very well explained and it takes only a few steps to adapt the system to a room.

First at all, all the symbols in the Vive interface app must be green highlighted. For this purpose both controllers and the headset should be placed clearly visible to the sensors.

....In the next step, point to the screen with one of the Vive Controllers and hold down the button until the bar is completely filled on the screen.

....Then place both Vive controllers on the floor and confirm on the PC, the next step is to measure the available space.

...With a controller and pressed button the outside of the free space, on the screen you can now recognize the shape of the captured space and the computer tries to place the largest possible field in the available area. This process can also be influenced manually, eg when a lamp is suspended in the middle of the playing field or other obstacles should be considered.

....This completes the installation of HTC Vive.



The introduction is very amusing, at first the environment disassembles and everything goes away until we find ourselves in a white, empty space, afterwards comes a small robot ball which shows us very impressively the function of the Vive Controller.

In the demo, the enormous potential of the Vive Controller is immediately apparent, the control is very beefing. At the touch of a button, the entire touch panel of the controller turns and displays other icons. The different balloons can also be deflected and touched by touching. All in all, a very successful demo, which really well illustrates the idea behind the Vive Controller.


Optics / resolution

The glasses work with two displays, each with 1980 x 1200 pixels. The optics are solved with a kind of Fresnel lens, the round rings are clearly recognizable when looking outside. When the glasses are tightened, these rings are no longer visible. In the case of strong color contrasts, eg black background with light white writing, lens reflections can be seen, which make the rings visible again. The pixels are recognizable but the resolution is acceptable and does not disturb large.

It is noticeable, however, that in the outer corners of the field of view the image is blurred, presumably the lenses do not provide a constant focus over the entire display.



The Vive Controller is a well thought-out new tool for interactivity in the VR space.

The controller is precisely positioned by the sensors and has a round touchpad on the top and several buttons. In most applications, you can see the point where the thumb is straight, this simplifies navigation and provides a very impressive feel.



HTC liefert mit der Vive ein überaus eindrückliches Produkt. Die Qualität ist sehr hochstehend und die Raumerfassung funktioniert einfach und erstaunlich gut. Die Kombination mit den zwei neuen Controller erweist sich als gelungen.